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From jim_m2m <>
Subject nio+ssl issue with custom openwire client
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 00:06:45 GMT
Hello all, 

I have written my own openwire client in C, and it has been running fine
since activeMQ 5.2 was released, however, we are trying to migrate to
activeMQ 5.6.0 and the nio+ssl transport and when we do that, activeMQ
doesn't receive any packets from our client. 

Transport Matrix: 
tcp = works 
ssl = works 
nio = works 
nio+ssl = broken 

Of course using a java client works fine, but my C client (that uses openssl
0.9.8 as the SSL provider) isn't working, so I'm sure I'll need to make some
tweak to my client, but I'm not sure what will be different. 

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction on this one, I'm
looking at the ActiveMQ source trying to unwind what might be happening
trying to receive the messages.

I am now stepping through the broker in a debugger, and what I am seeing is
that in the serviceRead() method of the NIOSSLTransport class, the
secureRead() method is returning 0 for the readCount, where I think the
value is supposed to be greater than 0. 

So I further looked at the secureRead() method, and where the line
"sslEngine.unwrap(inputBuffer, plain);" is invoked, it is returning that it

I can make progress if I change the code to retry the serviceRead() if the
readCount is 0, but that breaks something else as I start getting data out
of sequence.


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