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From Guerrero <>
Subject Re: Wildcards may block a prefix in a network of brokers.
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 19:38:10 GMT

> With this default behaviour, N subscriptions on a remote broker look like
> a single subscription to the networked broker.

This is something we desire. For instance, A.appId is the central broker,
and A.B.appId, A.B.C.appId, and A.B.D.appId are all connected to A.appId. 
When A.B.D.appId send a heartbeat, it should only need to send a single
message over the network to A.appId, which in turn forwards the message to

If I turn off conduit subscriptions, won't this mean that A.B.D.appId will
need to send two messages for the single heartbeat? Which in turn will be
seen as duplicates on A.appId, and only one will be forwarded to A.B.appId.

This may not sound like a lot, but once we have a fair number of nodes, this
will be sending an awful lot of duplicate and ignored messages. I think we
do want subscriptions to be consolidated, but I don't believe "A.>" should
be consolidated as the same as "A.*" since it may receive a wider range of
possible topics...

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