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From ByteFlinger <>
Subject ActiveMQ not expiring all messages and leaving them stuck in queue?
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 13:56:17 GMT
I am having a small issue with activemq.

I have a queue which I send messages to with a certain TTL. When these
messages expire, once the queue is read I expect all expired messages to be
moved towards ActiveMQ.DLQ however what is happening is that most will do
that however a few (Usually between 1 to 5) just sit in the queue and will
not move.

You can see that the queue count on the web console is showing some messages
in that queue and you can see the same exact different between enqueued and
dequeued messages. Strangely when clicking in the queue in the web console
shows no messages whatsoever (An empty view) even though the count shows
they are there (and I know they are there because they never appear in my
logs which listen and logs all messages in ActiveMQ.DLQ).

This is happening consistently. Does anybody know what is causing this? It
feels to me that it is a bug in activemq however I cannot find any
information on it when searching around the net and debug logs don't tell me
much other than the line below:

2012-07-19 15:42:43,417 | DEBUG | Expiring messages .. | | ActiveMQ Broker[localhost]
2012-07-19 15:42:43,417 | DEBUG | SomeQueue toPageIn: 0, Inflight: 20,
pagedInMessages.size 0, enqueueCount: 211, dequeueCount: 207 | | ActiveMQ Broker[localhost]

(It can be seen above that enqueued and dequeued difference is 4 
and that is the number that is appearing in the pending column for that
queue however clicking on the queue shows no messages).

Any help or insight is appreciated. Should I file a bug? 

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