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From JRR <>
Subject Re: Not seeing enabled advisories ActiveMQ WebConsole
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 15:03:20 GMT
Hello Gary,

How would I run the test you referenced? I use the CPP client not Java.
(Actually I don't use Java at all... I start the broker using the
bin/activemq script or the script our Java team gives the server team for
starting the broker).

I looked through the code and I see that one of the things it's looking for
is a ResourceAllocationException  which my CPP client does indeed receive,
but there is no fast consumer advisory or full advisory generated even
thought the CPP client receives that exception.

Also, in looking at the test it appears that the broker and the producer are
created in the same from the same application. Which I believe means they
run in the same JVM (I'm not a java person so I'm using words I'm not very
familiar with here -- words I've heard our UI team use.) If this is true,
it's different from my test that has the broker running in one JVM and an
external producer client. Granted one would expect them to behave the same.

Also, it appears that your doTestAdvisoryForFastProducer() is creating
creating the two topics for fast producer and full advisory. Is it necessary
for these topics to be created first? I ask because in my test I noticed
that other advisory topics were created when the advisory was generated,
regardless if there was a consumer created for the topic or not.

I also noticed that you are sending persistent messages, while I am sending
non-persistent messages. Does this make a difference?



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