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From Dejan Bosanac <>
Subject Re: Cascading SlowConsumer Advisories
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2012 08:43:36 GMT

it looks like indeed you have a slow consumer on "slow consumer"
advisory topic. Can you raise a jira for this?

Dejan Bosanac
Senior Software Engineer | FuseSource Corp. |
skype: dejan.bosanac | twitter: @dejanb
ActiveMQ in Action:

On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 12:13 AM,
<> wrote:
> I recently experienced an activemq failure where the service became
> unresponsive. A thread dump showed a large number of threads whose names
> indicated they were related to But
> the weird thing is that the topic that was being alerted on was another slow
> consumer advisory topic! This was repeated over and over with deeper and
> deeper nesting. An example:
> "Topic
> ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Advisory.SlowConsumer.Topic.ActiveMQ.Adviso
> .....
> This is an indication to me that ActiveMQ is recursively creating
> SlowConsumer advisory topics on it own advisory topics.
> My only solution was to restart the process.
> Does anyone have any idea what was going on? This has happened occasionally
> before and I would really like to know what is happening.
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