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From bdv <>
Subject How good is ActiveMQ supposed to perform?
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 08:08:56 GMT
Recently I have been running some tests against a single instance of ActiveMQ

The goal of these tests was to get to an instance that could handle a load
according to following parameters:

- message size: 2048 bytes
- transactional
- persistant
- message rate: 2500 messages/second with a possible growth of 5000 m/s
- non-bulk message transactions (needs to support 2500 clients that each
send a message, so sending as bulk is cheating)

You may have noticed 2 other possible combinations:

Both of these are not possible because working non-transacted and then
requesting SESSION_TRANSACTED is obviously silly.


- 1 producer for which the session is committed after each message
- 1 consumer that simply receives the messages and keeps a count
- The 2500 message-objects are created beforehand so only the actual sending
/ committing is benchmarked.
- ActiveMQ config :

Hardware setup:

- a client: i7 3ghz+, 16gb ddr3, 128 gb ssd
- a server: i7 3ghz+, 16gb ddr3, 128 gb ssd
- a gigabit switch

My questions: 
- Is it normal for a test with just transactions and no persistence to be
slower than a test with transactions and persistence?
- Why is there such a high impact when transactions are activated? Is there
a way to remedy this?

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