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From Chris Robison <>
Subject Re: Network of brokers flooded with TempQueue advisory messages
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 21:09:29 GMT
I have a very simple network of brokers. Their names are as follows (to
help understand the log):


They each reside in different data centers. MSSD5D101 creates a duplex
connection to MSTMIP101. In each of these data centers there is a consumer
listening for request messages to which it replies using the JMSReplyTo
header. In each datacenter, there is also a web portal that sends out these
requests, expecting a response back to the temporary queue. If the web
portal in the same datacenter as MSSD5D101 sends requests, then MSSD5D101
seems to be fine, but if the web portal in the same data center
as MSTMIP101 sends requests, then MSSD5D101 gets flooded with advisory
messages. I've attached a log file. Any suggestions?


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