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From PJR69 <>
Subject Problem with networking between win7 and linux
Date Thu, 31 May 2012 12:14:33 GMT
I have a weird issue in connecting two brokers with each other when one
broker is in windows (win7-64) and the other is on Linux (Suse Linux
Enterprise 64bit with IBM JDK).

My setup is as such:
- A client that has embedded broker with one TCP-TransportConnector with
multicast agent and a network connector with multicast discovery.
- A server that has similar broker configuration.
- When I run the client and server on the same computer in different
processes, all work ok; the brokers discover each other and NetworkBridges
are created on both brokers and my messages flow through.
- The same thing happens when I run them both on different Windows7-64
computers on same LAN.

So functionally the setup works just fine in pure-windows environment.

But here is my problem:
- When I run the client on a Win7-64bit and the server on Linux (on same
LAN), the NetworkBridge is created only on the server-broker. There is no
NetworkBridge on the client side. This makes it impossible for my
client-produces messages to be forwarded to the server-broker for
consumption by consumers attached to it.

Ok, so I'm guessing that either of the following two things could cause
a) The client doesn't see the multicast-advertisement from the server and
thus won't even try to form the networkbridge. However, I do see some
connection (from JConsole/JMX) on the client side so that would hint to me
that the serverbroker-advertisement is seen by the client and it does know
about the server. And the server DOES see the multicast from the client
because the networkbridge is created in the server broker.

b) The client does see the server broker-advertisement but for some reason
can't do the TCP-connection to the TransportConnector on the server broker
and thus prevents the bridge from client to server from forming. The
TransportConnector URI is like "tcp://" containing the
IP-address of the server so that there shouldn't be any issues with e.g.
name resolution.

I'm thinking that if the client can't form the TCP-connection to the servers
TransportConnector, there should be some complaint about that in the
client-side log, but I don't see any errors/warnings there.

Next thing I'll try changing the IBM JDK to Sun JDK, see if that helps.

Any other ideas what I could try???

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