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From Samslara <>
Subject duplex and producer flow control
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 02:22:56 GMT
  I'm having an issue when sending a number of messages that starts producer
flow control between two brokers and when the networkConnector between the
two is setup as duplex.  The setup I have is I have two brokers, A and B.  I
also have two consumers on B subscribed to two topics, topic1 and topic2.  I
then have two producers on A which are publishing on topic1 and topic2.  So
when I startup the consumer on B on topic1 and have it consume messages
slowly, and then I produce a large number of messages to topic1 on A so that
producer flow control is triggered and the producer on A is held back from
sending more because of this.  I then start the consumer on topic2 on B and
have it consume quickly.  When I produce to topic2 on A the messages do not
flow like they should.  Rather they hold on the networkConnector until 5
messages make it to topic1 and then 5 messages all get sent right away to
topic2.  It seems like this burst of messages always matches the
prefetchSize of the networkConnector.  Also when I stop the consumer on
topic1 all the messages being held back for topic1 gets send right away and
topic1 receives messages like normal.  This problematic behavior goes away
when duplex="false".  Can anyone provide me with any insight into why this
is happening and how to get around it?

P:topic1 -\               /-> C:topic1 (slow)
P:topic2 --> A --> B --> C:topic2 (fast)

networkConnector definition:
  <networkConnector uri="static:(tcp://localhost:61617)"
	prefetchSize="5" />

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