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From pollotek <>
Subject Embedded broker to master slave topologies not working on failover
Date Mon, 07 May 2012 19:52:36 GMT
I am trying to make the following topology work with version 5.5:

 embedded broker -> Redundant failover brokers - > consumers
For redundant fail over brokers I have tried master slave share nothing and
msater slave shared storage. None of these configurations have actually

For shared storage the system starts up well, i can see if i put messages in
the embedded broker they get consumed normally. If the active broker dies I
see a message of the new active broker getting a lock in the FS and the
embedded broker fails over to the new broker. The bad thing is that I don't
see the consumers getting any more messages after the failover happens. If
new messages get generated I see them getting queued in the embedded broker
but they never go anywhere. This is the configuration I'm using on the


The same happens if I change the topology to master slave share nothing,
consumers stop getting messages.

Is it unreasonable to try this sort of topology configuration? I've spent
several days trying to get this to work chasing forum messages here and
there unsuccessfully. The only stuff I've seen work just like the site
explains is network of brokers and master slave share nothing with clients
directly connected to the brokers instead of embedded brokers.

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