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From Max <>
Subject A few questions about running ActiveMQ in production
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2012 13:52:32 GMT
These days I am looking for a queueing solution for our project.
ActiveMQ looks quite promising and offers all features I want from a

However, I have some questions (mostly regarding ActiveMQ in
production/deploying ActiveMQ) I couldnt answer myself by

Foremost I am unsure about whats the preferred way of
running/deploying ActiveMQ. Is it good enough to let it run as a UNIX
service? As we are already use Solr and have it running in a Tomcat
container, my preferred solution would be running ActiveMQ in Tomcat,
too. Do I sacrifice any features? Any performance hits? The (upcoming)
websocket support is quite important to me, so do websockets work with
Tomcat, too instead of jetty?


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