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From Gary Tully <>
Subject Re: Acknowledgement Timeout
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 19:13:27 GMT
Another alternative to killing the connection is to use the
slowConsumerStrategy destination policy[1], a consumer that does not
ack is considered slow, if this persists for a period, the
AbortSlowConsumerStrategy can terminate the consumer and inflight
messages will get dispatched.

I think terminating the consumer is the only way to be sure there is
no duplicate dispatch. If the consumers remain, you could have a case
where each consumer gets a copy of the message, essentially turing a
queue into a topic.

There was a discussion on this at


On 4 April 2012 12:41, Gary Tully <> wrote:
> There is no support for this with the redelivery policy. jms is
> connection oriented, so the assumption is that if the connection is
> alive and there is no ack, the consumer has a good reason not to ack
> yet.
> The only way to force the broker to redeliver is to close the consumer.
> One way to achieve this is to have the consumers connection timeout if
> it is inactive for some period.
> The inactivity monitor, without keepAlive messages will do this for you.
> use a broker url of
> <host:port>?useKeepAlive=false&wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration=20000
> and that will terminate the connection after 20 seconds of inactivity
> which will force the broker to redispatch the message.
> On 4 April 2012 06:51, oBanawalikar <> wrote:
>> I want to set the timeout period for the Acknowledge i.e. if the acknowledge
>> is not received for the particular message from consumer within a time
>> period then, the broker should resend the message to the consumer.
>> For this purpose should we set the /initialRedeliveryDelay/ field or
>> /redeliveryDelay/ field?????
>> Sorry if the question sounds silly. Its just that the documentation does say
>> much about it.
>> Thanks
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