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From Christopher Wood <>
Subject server-side stomp timeout?
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 23:10:21 GMT
My ActiveMQ daemon is not disconnecting dead stomp consumers. Is there a server-side timeout
setting that I can use somewhere? I'm having difficulty finding one.

I have a chaos monkey intermittently killing processes on my consumer hosts, and if this happens
when the consumer is slurping down messages, the ActiveMQ host will keep the messages in its
queue and never let another consumer take them. (By "never" I mean three hours and counting
now.) Restarting ActiveMQ clears the issue.

Another puzzling item is that ActiveMQ now reports that I have more consumers connected than
I know are trying to connect. I suspect some are the now-dead consumers but I'm not sure how
to confirm. However, they are from the same hosts as previously.

I use Net::STOMP::Client with this uri (munged hostname):  stomp://mqlab:61612

Things are fine until one of the consumers dies while slurping down messages, and I am quite

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