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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: Activemq IPV6 Client Connection (Java and C++)
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 15:26:50 GMT
On Mon, 2012-04-16 at 17:33 +0200, Oscar Pernas wrote: 
> Hi all,
> Im trying to use ActiveMQ with IPV6 but Im running into some problems. I'm
> in debian linux, and seems that ActiveMQ(5.5.1) is up and listening IPV6.
>     tcp6   0   0 :::61616      :::*          LISTEN      24671/java
> I can make a ping and a telnet to ::1 61616 and all seems that works fine.
> Now Im trying to connect two clients (one in Java and one in C++).
> -Java client: If I set the uri tcp://[::1]:61616, connection is stablished,
> but if I add the failover transport (failover://(tcp://[::1]:61616)), I can
> see an Invalid broker URI exception. Its not compatible, or there is
> another way to use failover with IPV6?

Working up a unit test for this and creating an issue would be helpful,
there are already some URI parsing tests in svn.

> - C++ Client: Im setting the same URI that it works in Java
> (tcp://[::1]:61616) but doesnt work and I get "Resource temporarily
> unavailable". Any idea of what coulde be reason? I tested too with a
> connection string like this: ""tcp://[fe80::XXX:XXXX:XXXX:XXXX]:61616" and
> I'm receiving this error "the requested name is valid and found in
> database, but doesnt have the correct data that is trying to resolve".

The C++ client doesn't have any support for IPV6 yet, we welcome any
contributions you'd like to make in this area.  

> Any Idea?
> thanks in advance

Tim Bish
Sr Software Engineer | FuseSource Corp |
skype: tabish121 | twitter: @tabish121

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