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From Vadim <>
Subject Consumer from wildcard queue does not resume after broker restart
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2012 12:14:55 GMT
Hi everybody,

I am using ActiveMQ 5.5.1 as an embedded broker and have following problem.

I have a producer which sends messages to "" queue, and I have
also configured a consumer which consumes from "*" destination (It
is required as we may have a lot of ""-like queues we need to
consume from). 

Normally everything works fine, messages are send and delivered correctly.
But if we send quite a large number of messages (which get persisted into
database) and then simulate a broker restart (and consumer restart as well,
they are both embedded into Spring based webapp) leaving some messages not
delivered (in pending list) those messages do not get automatically
delivered after a broker becomes available.

I suspect it may be the reason that initially broker does not seem to know
about the names of the queues it has not delivered messages in. As soon as I
send any message to this queue, it gets available (with all non-delivered
messages in it) and consumption continues. Another thing which triggers
consumption back is to add corresponding queue using Web Console.

I quick and dirty solution will be to add queues to the broker conf, but as
I said there may be variable nuber of them.

Do you have any ideas whether this is expected behavior or a bug, may be it
can be configured other way?


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