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From sreekar <>
Subject Can we connect multiple connection for the same destination ?
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 11:00:54 GMT
Hi Team,

The following question might sound stupid, but need a confirmation to
proceed further in my task, without any qualms.

Can we have multiple connections connecting to the same destination?

Let us say there are 3 process SS1, SS2 & SS3 which needs to communicate to
SR1, SR2 & SR3.

Can i create 3 new connections for same destination (QUEUE)
(C1 for SS1 which starts producer P1...similarly (C2, P2) ==> SS2  and  (C3,
P3 ) ==> SS3) ?

Now the process SR1 will read the messages from QUEUE using C1 at
will......i.e whenever it wants any message :
==>  it will create a consumer thread 
==>  read the message from QUEUE
==>  finish the consumer thread (destroy the connection)
Whenever it (SR1) wants to read another message it creates another thread to
read the message.

Similar process will be followed by SR2 (using connection C2) and SR3 (using
connection C3).

The consuming order by services SR1, SR2 and SR3 might be in any order.

With ActiveMQ-CMS is it possible (or guaranteed) that we get our messages
separately for each process ?

Suppose under one connection, i have created separate sessions with
different ACKNOWLEDGE Modes, for
separate process. Can i get the messages destined for each process
separately  (without any inter-mixing) ?

To sum-up make long story short,
Can we get messages separately (#1 for each connection.....#2 for each
session under same connection) without any intermixing...(i.e Messages
received by wrong consumer of different connection (or) session) ?

Any help would be appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,

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