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From woodstockrich <>
Subject Selectors not working for me via amq.js/Javascript in 5.5.1
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 23:48:50 GMT
I am running with activeMQ 5.5.1.

I took the portfolio demo HTML/JS and modified it to send out a message to
queue A when it first received a message from the topic.  I added a second
message handler for receiving a response on queue B.

I created a Java application that is using ActiveMQConnectionFactory, to
send out messages on the topic, accept the message on queue A and write the
response on Queue B.

It all works great when I run it without adding any selector to the
amq.addListener call.
The messages on the topic are received, and the messages on Queue B are

I wanted to try out selectors on the listener because this will be part of a
bigger design.

The selectors seem to have no effect--the messages come through to HTML/JS
regardless of the selector values I choose or what is being set in the
sending message.  I tried a selector value that I know I am not sending
{selector:"identifier='TEST'"} and that still makes no difference.

I wasn't sure if some things were cached, so I've restarted the broker and
IE and it doesn't matter.  I still get all the messages.

One thing I noticed is if I have a client Java program that uses selector,
when I browse the Active MQ Console and look at the Queue's Active
Consumers, the Java program's selector value is in the Selector column, but
for the HTML/JS consumer the Selector column is blank.

Is there some other piece of configuration I am missing?
Or should I try with 5.4.1?


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