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From Larry Meadors <>
Subject Issue in init script
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 12:55:50 GMT
I think I found a bug in the the bin/activemq script. It's simple to
fix, and looks like someone was just trying to be too careful. :)

When trying to determine the Active MQ installation dir, it does this:


...then later it does this:

cd "$saveddir"

In my case, I call the script from my home directory, and then when it
tries to <import resource="jetty.xml"/>, it fails because there is no
jetty.xml in my home directory.

I changed the script to do this:

#cd "$saveddir"

...and now it works perfectly.

That saveddir variable is actually not needed at all. When you call a
script that has "#!/bin/sh" as the 1st line, it invokes a new shell,
so after the script finishes, that shell is closed and you go back to
the calling shell, and cd was never called there.


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