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From stephenju <>
Subject Re: Building ActiveMQ-CPP with VC++ 2010 Express and Windows SDK 7.1
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 19:04:00 GMT
Thanks. I figured it out now. Here are the steps in case someone needs it. I
am building it with only VC++ 2010 Express and Windows SDK 7.1 installed.
The steps are for building ActiveMQ-CPP 3.4.1:

1. Build APR and friends. This is another hassle. The issue is the latest
apr-util (1.4.6) doesn't build in my setup AT ALL. I needed to download
1.3.12 and change all references to apr_app to aprapp in

2. Unzip the archive to your drive. I put it at

3. Open activemq-cpp.sln in vs2008-build with VC+ 2010 Express and let it
convert the projects. VS 2010 doesn't build vcproj files any more. The
conversion wizard will convert them to the new vcxproj files.

4. Open in a text editor. Replace all 'vs2005-activemq-cpp'
with 'activemq-cpp'. Then replace all 'vs2005-activemq' with 'activemq-cpp'.
And lastly, replace all 'vs2005' with 'vs2008'. The order of the
replacements matters. Save the file.

5. Open a Windows SDK command prompt. Set APR_DIST to the path or your built
apr. Mine is c:\apr\apr-dist

6. In the command prompt, cd to your unzipped activemq-cpp dir in step 2.
Enter the command:

nmake /f ARCH="Win32" CONFIG="Release" build install clean

I skipped the test target. And you can check the makefile for other ARCH and
CONFIG options. You can also skip building of unit tests by commenting out
its msbuild lines in the makefile.

Hope this helps.

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