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From jamesou <>
Subject Consumer performance improves after bounce when in cluster setup
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 05:28:18 GMT

We are using activemq 5.5 on red hat linux to create a network of brokers
across a WAN. The diagram below outlines the network of brokers we have
created to support our particular use case. Two brokers in Sydney, two
brokers in Houston, all networked. Producer in Sydney, Consumer in Houston.

- We are not using persistent messages. We are happy for the client to
resend in the event of failure. 
- We are using synchronous communication where the producer does not send a
new request until it has received a result from the consumer on a temp queue
for the current request (not for everything, but we have one situation where
we would like to support this).

What im observing is that the message throughput is around 5/sec on startup.
Performance here seems to be the same regardless of the message size being 1
byte or 100,000 bytes. However if I stop the consumer and then bring it back
up again, the performance shoots up to anywhere between 20/sec to 100/sec.
Please remember that the producer is only sending a new message after the
current one has been processed successfully so there is no build up of
messages that could explain a sudden boost (and the performance is sustained
after bouncing). 

Some other observations on this:

- Just starting the consumer after the producer doesn't grant the
performance boost. The consumer needs to be running first, then producer,
then bounce consumer. 
- The performance boost is also observed when the consumer is on broker b in
the same location as the producer. The relative throughput numbers are much
higher because their is no WAN involved but you still see the increase. 

Obviously we would love to work out how to get the high performance numbers
all the time. My initial thought is that the network connectors are doing
something I need to turn on or off that the bounce triggers? Any ideas would
be much appreciated. 



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