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From PJR69 <>
Subject Integration of Oracle SOA Suite (OSB) with ActiveMQ
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 09:06:24 GMT
Background: There are two parties A and B. Party A is an all-Oracle house,
using SOA Suite (with the Oracle Service Bus for tranporting JMS-messages).
Party B is an open-source house, using ActiveMQ for the JMS-infrastructure.
These parties have not been involved with each other before, but now they
need to build an integration so that they can pass JMS-messages between
them. There would be a VPN-connection between Party A and Party B with
possibility to open multiple ports as needed between them.

I'm personally involved with Party B and don't have that much experience
with Oracle products, especially with the SOA Suite/OSB but I have some
experience with ActiveMQ, having used it in couple of projects. The main
responsibility for the integration is on Party B and it would be ideal if
Party A wouldn't have to do any development in the Oracle-side to enable the
integration, hopefully just some configuration modifications.

I'm thinking currently the following integration scenarios:

a) Have two brokers connect with each other on sites of Party A and Party B
to form a bridge between them. One broker would be something on the OSB-side
(not sure what exactly), the other would be ActiveMQ-broker on Party B's
site. Then configure a network connector between the brokers, but not sure
if that is possible protocol-wise? The applications on Party B's site
wouldn't need any modifications as they already communicate with ActiveMQ.
This would be my ideal solution.

b) Connect to OSB as a client from Party B's site. I guess that this would
need a connection factory from Oracle that would contain the communication
implementation betwwn the client and broker. This would be 2nd favourite
solution as Party A wouldn't have to do anything special to make this work,
just expose a suitable endpoint. I guess we would then implement a
bridge-component ourselves, that would be both a client to the "OSB-broker"
as well as to the ActiveMQ-broker and then mirror JMS-messages between them.

c) Make some configuration on the OSB-side (ActiveMQ JCA RA on Weblogic and
make some connection to OSB queues? ActiveMQ connection factory?) to enable
OSB act as a client on the ActiveMQ-broker. Not sure if this would be
feasible and this wouldn't be very practical wrt implementation

Any suggestions? How would you implement this?

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