I'm actually asking this question on behalf of one of our developers.  As I understand ActiveMQ (and Servicemix), when a message is placed into a queue, an event is fired off telling the consumer a new message is now present.  It is then the consumer's job to pick up the new message and process it.

We had a recent issue where it appeared that new message arrival events were either not firing or firing off very slowly to the consumer as messages were placed into the queue.  So, the message queue was backing up and messages were not being processed.  Note that we have about 8 different queues on this Servicemix server, but only one of the queues exhibited this behavior.  As a result, the processing ground to a halt on this specific queue and queue messages backed up.  Once we restarted everything involving servicemix, activemx and the consumer of the queue, everything went back to normal processing speed.

I'm trying to determine if there are any known issues that could cause this behavior within ActiveMQ.  We are running Apache Servicemix version 4.3.1-fuse-01-09 using ActiveMQ version 5.4.2 (looks like the ActiveMQ packages were included with the Servicemix package).

As another question, since it appears ActiveMQ was included in the Servicemix package, should I ask this question on the Servicemix forum instead?

Any help would be appreciated.



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