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From Matt Pavlovich <>
Subject Re: JMS specific failover capabilities
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 15:02:52 GMT

Are you seeing the same problem I saw with the SAP adapter, where it 
wouldn't allow you to set a failover URL in the SAP PI JMS configuration 
screen?  ie.. you can only point it to the master, and not the master+slave?

The updateClusterClients option in ActiveMQ, allows you to set one host 
in the client side URL-- "tcp://master1:61616", and the broker will tell 
the client about other brokers in the broker network.  This allows for 
dynamically adding brokers to the network, w/o having to update client 
URLs all the time.

The SAP problem that I saw, was that you couldn't specify the failover 
URI for a master and slave-- ERROR: 
"failover:(tcp://master1:61616,tcp://slave1:61616)", and we were stuck 
only using one broker in the URI-- WORKS: tcp://master1:61616.

In order to provide failover and HA for the SAP PI connection, we used 
the updateClusterClient feature and we were able to get HA w/o having to 
wait for the SAP bug to be fixed.

The catch with updateClusterClients, is that it doesn't know about 
slaves until they become active, so that's why you would need to masters 
and two slaves to work around the SAP issue.

Hope this clears it up!
Matt Pavlovich

On 2/16/12 3:10 AM, Zagan wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> thank you very much! Sadly I don't understand why I need two masters and two
> slaves.
> When I get it right in general the client connects to master1.
> When master1 goes down, it reconnects to master2.
> How is this achieved?
> Is master1 acting like a proxy because of the network connector? But if it
> is down it couldn't act, or did I miss here anything?
> Well if this works, it would be better if the network connector points to
> the slave which comes
> up!
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