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From Matt Pavlovich <>
Subject Re: JMS specific failover capabilities
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 05:38:24 GMT

I've seen that config setup in SAP at another customer, and the bug is 
in SAP's JMS configuration.  There is supposedly a bug ticket open with 
SAP on it, I suggest adding a "+1" to the ticket ;-).  There are a 
number of blog posts that claim to get escape characters in order for it 
to take it, but we weren't able to get any of those working correctly.

I think your best bet is to use updateClusterClients="true".  You'll 
need two pairs of Master/Slave brokers connected with a network 
connector.  In this scenario, your SAP clients will have a URL pointing 
to one of the Master brokers.

Step-by-step behavior
1. Client connects to Master 1  ie.. "tcp://master1:61616"
2. Master 1 gives client a list of "Active" brokers in the broker 
network -- failover://tcp://master1:61616, tcp://master2:61617.
     (This all happens in the ActiveMQ client code, so the SAP PI config 
does not come into play.)
3. Master 1 fails, client connects to Master 2
3. Slave 1 comes up.  Master 2 provides client a list of active 
brokers-- master2, slave1.
4. etc..

Broker side config here:

Hope this helps!
Matt Pavlovich

On 2/15/12 7:41 AM, Zagan wrote:
> Hello,
> I have the problem that one of my message producers/consumers is SAP PI.
> It can be configured to access Active MQ through the use of a Generic JMS
> driver.
> The communication between SAP PI and Active MQ instance should be highly
> available.
> Therefore I have to use failover protocol on the client side and Shared
> Filesystem Master/Slave
> on the active mq instance level. Because the failover protocol is Active MQ
> specific and not required
> in the JMS spec I can't use it.
> Does the JMS Specification provide any failover capabilities which I could
> use? If not, are there any workarounds like a Proxy for Active MQ instances?
> So far I found this, which is from my point of view not satisfying :-)
> Thanks in advance!
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