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From Matt Pavlovich <>
Subject Re: Activemq Clustering and failover
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 20:00:24 GMT
I'm guessing you still have client-side code problems, which is very 
common.  I suggest using the out-of-the-box test harnesses available 
from ActiveMQ to help eliminate the broker configuration.  Try running 
100, 1,000 and then ramp up to 100,000 messages through your Master 
broker.  If your configuration is correct, you won't have any problems.  
If this test succeeds with a couple hundred thousand messages going 
through it, than you know you need to focus on the client-side code.

Hope this helps!
Matt Pavlovich

On 2/9/12 12:12 PM, Abimael wrote:
> Hi Matt
> First, thank you.
> Second , unfortunely it does not work.
> I did both changes in the configuration you had suggested, but it does not
> work.
> In the first 2 attempts, I was really excited, because it had worked . But
> when I did another attempt, it did not.
> To give you a scenario : I 'm running 2 Java IDEs (IntelliJ ), one with the
> producer ; other with consumer .
> THe url configured on Producer and Consumer apps :
> "failover:(tcp://sim1648:61616,tcp://sim1660:61616)?randomize=false";
> For the brokers, I 'm using 2 machines , one as master, other as slave.
> To do the test, I do : start master; start slave . Start consumer , start
> producer .
> I am able to see the messages sent by producer to consumer .
> Then, I stop the master .
> This is the message in the console of the Consumer app,  for the failure :
> 9193 [ActiveMQ Transport: tcp://sim1648/] WARN
> org.apache.activemq.transport.failover.FailoverTransport - Transport
> (sim1648/ failed to tcp://sim1648:61616 , attempting to
> automatically reconnect due to:
> Process finished with exit code 0
> As you can see, the consumer just ends without any other message.
> I really do not know and have no ideas. I guess that I'm not alone, as
> another person started this thread.
> thanks in advance
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