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From Jakub Korab <>
Subject Re: Queue messages not dequeuing
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 14:41:09 GMT
Hi Matt,

When you say that the message is not being dequeued, do you mean from the
queue on the broker?

The overall scheme itself seems to be pretty complicated; where are the
topic messages coming from? 

If you are trying to ensure that messages for a particular id are consumed
in sequence then perhaps message groups
( might fit the bill better
and simplify your code.


Matt Lachman wrote
> Hi,
> I'm currently having a problem with messages sent to a queue that aren't
> being dequeued. It appears that my listener is receiving the messages but
> they are stuck "in flight" on the server and are never being dequeued.
> My problem domain:
> I've set up a semaphore of sorts where I have one listener assigned to the
> queue. If a message comes in with an identifier (defined by my code) that
> is already being processed, that message is held by my listener in a
> Map&lt;Id, LinkedList&lt;Object&gt;>. The message contains a serialized
> object which
> is what is stored in the LinkedList. Once my listener gets notification
> (via a Topic) that the in-progress item is complete, the next object for
> the id is pulled from the Map. In this way, I can assure that only one
> message is being processed at a time for a given identifier.
> My environment:
> I'm running my app in JBoss 4.2.2, Java 1.6 with an ActiveMQ 5.6 snapshot
> (was running into this problem on 5.5:
> It's all local on my Win
> 7
> x64 machine. I'm using Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE and non-persistent
> messaging.
> Any ideas? Has anyone else run into this?
> Thanks,
> Matt

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