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From Don Hu <>
Subject RE: why nobody pay attention to this bug
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 21:41:10 GMT
Hi, Matt:

Thank you very much for the quick response.

We are using 5.2 in production. You can see that's why unit tests and duplication is hard
for us. Our production issue is very similar to AMQ-3281 and AMQ-2009.
Since these two bugs are all open bugs as 5.6, we are not sure to upgrade to any of the version
you mentioned could help us.
We are very interested in using FuseSource, as matter of fact, Adobe as a company want to
gain the support from Fuse if possible.
Again, we are not sure that the Fuse version solve the issue and our problem or not.

Please also read a section that I wrote:

Research on activeMQ bugs database and user forum

There are numerous people reported the issues in activeMQ bug database and user discussion
They are very similar to our production issue. A number of similar bugs have been opened (never
concluded or fixed).
open bug

Similarity to our production issue:

1. Happens only under load, usually a few hour to couple days of running
2. Only happens in the network broker (not embedded broker) (we are using network broker too)
3. Only in multiple thread producers environment (our case too)
4. With only consumers are running in a different processes (our case too)
5. In most case, the consumers are slower than the producers (our case too)
6. Restart broker will fix the problem
7. Problem reported on version since 5.2, and it is open bug for the next release 5.6.


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From: Matt Pavlovich [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 4:33 PM
Subject: Re: why nobody pay attention to this bug

Hi Don-

What version of AMQ are you using?  There are a number of possible root causes, and there
have been a lot of bugs fixed for problems described as "stuck" messages.  If you are able
to recreate the issue with a unit test, attach it to the ticket and it will receive attention.

If creating a repeatable unit test isn't an option, I suggest trying the FuseSource latest
5.5.1-xx-xx release.  It has many of the bug fixes related to "stuck messages" that haven't
been released by the stable Apache version.  It is free to download and use.

Available here:

Alternatively, try the latest Apache 5.6 snapshot.

Hope this helps!
Matt Pavlovich

On 1/24/12 2:35 PM, Don Hu wrote:
> There are numerous reports of similar issues, and it is a credible and critical  bug
that prevents any serious usages of ActiveMQ in production.
> We should vote to push the resolution of this bug ASAP

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