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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Virtual topic subscriber expiration?
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 20:08:33 GMT
On Jan 3, 2012, at 3:25 AM, Dejan Bosanac wrote:
> The messages will be copied to relevant queues only if there's a consumer
> there. Is there any specific problem you're experiencing.

This doesn't really line up with my understanding for how virtual topics work at all.  If
my client is offline there wouldn't be a consumer for it, but messages sent to a virtual topic
are delivered when my client becomes online again.

So something is remembering that in the past my client had connected and was consuming from
the virtual topic queue, so that messages get copied to that queue even when my client is
offline .

What I want to know is how to configure the expiration for the remembering of my client. 
Pretty much exactly the same as what is described in the "Removing inactive subscribers" section
on this page:

> this is not needed for virtual topics as they work differently.

Sure I understand that virtual topics work differently than durable topics.

Does activemq support expiring virtual topic clients in the same way that you can expire inactive
durable subscribers?


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