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From AlexP <>
Subject How to configure multiple load balanced subscribers at the end of a topic?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 22:46:35 GMT
I have a consumer which produces events and a number of different subscribers
who are interested in processing this event.  The subscribers are load
balanced so there are N machines running the same subscriber, but I want
this group to process a message only once.  

I looked at ActiveMQ Virtual Topics but that allows me to load balance only
one set/group of subscribers at the end of a topic.  What I need, is to be
able to load balance multiple groups/set of subscribers at the end of a

For example, if I am an alarm dispatch center, I may have a single producer
which puts an ALARM message on to a topic and multiple consumers that are
going to receive this message.  One consumer can send an e-mail, another
consumer could contact police/emergency services, yet another consumer can
make a phone call to the subscriber.  Each one of these consumers may be
represented by N number of physical servers for scalability and load
balancing.  Each one of these consumers needs to get and process the message
exactly once.

So, I need something like a Virtual Topic Group concept?

Is there a way to accomplish what I want such that every time I add a new
consumer type I don't need to create a new topic and put it into a composite


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