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From jp <>
Subject Re: OutOfMemory in messageConsumer thread: activemq running out of memory
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2011 23:21:25 GMT

Torsten Mielke-2 wrote
> Once you reach an OutOfMemoryError in your JVM you should not assume that
> anything continues to work. After an OOM all side effects and errors can
> occur.
> You will need to restart the JVM.

I agree, and it's a work in progress. However, on the other hand, we would
like to be sure that the memory of the activemq topic doesn't get filled up
again in case it happens again somehow.

Torsten Mielke-2 wrote
> You could configure a message limit strategy (e.g.
> constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy) so that the broker discards old
> messages once a configurable limit has been reached. However these msgs
> will then be lost. 
> See

really nice, looks fine: I'll test it soon. In our case the message
consumers are "lost" anyway: loosing their messages isn't an issue, so it
looks like the perfect match for our need.

Torsten Mielke-2 wrote
> The main question is why do you run out of memory. Did you configure for
> system wide and destination wide memory limits? Did you assign an overall
> JVM heap memory (-Xmx) to the broker that is at least 30% higher than the
> configured memoryUsage limit?

actually activemq didn't run out of memory. Rather, the broker memory limit
was reached and then flow control kicked in stopping all message producers
to create new ones. This was a very odd situation for us because normally
the memory use of the 64Mb allocated is next to null. Hence this discussion.

Torsten Mielke-2 wrote
> You may also want to look at the ActiveMQ tuning guide [1] from
> FuseSource.
> [1]

looks good once again, thanks a lot. I'll read it through. I guess I should
be able by now to squash this issue: thanks a lot!


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