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From JRR <>
Subject Is shutdownLibrary() really needed?
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 17:48:41 GMT
I'm not trying to start an argument about proper coding. I agree, we should
always release allocated resource, etc.

My question is more along the lines of what would happen if shutdownLibray()
was **not** invoked when a process exits?

>From the simple_producer.cpp example I see we invoke shutdownLibrary() right
before the process exits. I see that it's documented as:

        Shutdown the ActiveMQ-CPP Library, freeing any resources that
        could not be freed up to this point.

        All the user created ActiveMQ-CPP objects and Decaf Library
        objects should have been destroyed by the time this method is

Great. But what if I forgot to invoke shutdownLibrary() before the processes
exited, or if the process crashed without invoking the method? Would
external resource be left dangling?



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