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From Daniel Zweifel <>
Subject How can I configure HttpClient?
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2011 09:58:13 GMT

I'm using ActiveMQ over http(s). Yes, I know the recommendation is "don't do
it", but I have to.

I am able to open a connection and consume messages with the following
configuration (spring):

<bean id="jms"
	<property name="brokerURL" value="http://my-amq-broker" />

// implements the org.apache.camel.Processor interface
<bean id="notificationProcessor"
class="ch.admin.babs.polyalert.client.core.jms.NotificationProcessor" />

<camelContext xmlns="">
	<endpoint id="notificationTopic" uri="jms:topic:my.notifications" />
		<from ref="notificationTopic" />
		<to uri="bean:notificationProcessor" />

In the production environment I am not allowed to directly contact
my-amq-broker, I have to go through a reverse-proxy server. For the
authentication on that reverse-proxy I have to use the basic authentication
scheme and to be able to set additional http headers.
Now to my question: How can I access/configure the HttpClient sender that
ActiveMQ uses for the HttpTransport?

Any idea is greatly appreciated.


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