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From Ishitori <>
Subject Re: Redelivery sticks to and blocks a consumer thread
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 13:52:56 GMT
Hm, it seems that I don't fully understand how consumers are working.

I've merged fix from the JMS and it seems working nice if there is a small
amount of messages to resend. But if I try to put a big amount of "bad"
messages in queue, I will still get the same behavior: all my consumers got

Why does it happen? I have 20 consumers and 500 bad messages in a queue.
Does it mean, that every consumer got stuck with a bad message and try to
honor redelivery policy, though every consumer does release all prefetched
messages? Can I change this behaviour or it is a way how ActiveMQ works
(honoring of redelivery policy is up to Consumer and it is not the task of
the broker...)

Maybe I should create a separate queue where I will put every message that I
couldn't process at the first time? And some consumers will watch this queue
and redelivery policy will be honored by them? What if a big amount of bad
messages will be put there? Will I experience the same problem?

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