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From PinkyNoBrain <>
Subject RE: JMS Messages not consumed till producer connection close :-(
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 12:07:16 GMT
Hi Yuvaraj, to answere each of your questions directly.

-- produce/consumer are on same JVM?
In the simple setup i am using to try and debug this there are two JVMs. 
Threads in the first one only act as a producers, putting an initial set of
messages in the queue.  Threads in the second  act as both a producer and
consumer, consuming messages from the queue and occasionaly adding some of
its own messages back to the queue.

Having debugged the application further i can say that when JVM 1 (only
producers) places items on the queue they appear in the web browser view of
the queue but consumers in JVM 2 (which has both producers and consumers)
remain blocked.  Only when JVM1 hangs up its underelying jms connection to
the broker do the consumers in JVM2 start to recieve.  From that point
everyhting appears to work as expected. :-S
-- do they create separate connections?

Each JVM instances creates a single underlying connection.  Each
producer/consumer creates its own session from the underlying connection.

-- do they do connection.start() after creating connection? 
Yes, The underlying connection is created during my intial setup code (prior
to any producer/consumer being created).  It is immidiatly followed by

Why don't you just try with single producer and consumer to make sure there
is no threading problem?

Its hard to isolate the code enough from the rest of the application to do
this but initial attempts suggest that having a very low number of
producer/consumers works as expected.   That is why i was wondering if it
could be some sort of flow control on the number of sessions?

Why don't you try without filter if something is wrong over there? 

I have done this as you suggest by using seporate queues for each message
type instead of a single queue with selectors.  The behaviour remains the

Thanks for your time,


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