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From Hiram Chirino <>
Subject Re: Latest on planned AMQP support
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 14:13:31 GMT
Hi John

I know that the fusesource guys started working on an AMQP 1.0
implementation over on github [1] which builds on top of the Apollo
infrastructure.  Not sure how complete it is yet.  Perhaps Stan Lewis
can comment on how complete it is.




On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 5:53 AM, John Fletcher <> wrote:
> Hi, I'm looking into AMQP support on ActiveMQ and I've stumbled upon some
> mixed signals.
> This page claims that ActiveMQ supports AMQP:
>, however clicking on
> the link brings one to a page that states that ActiveMQ does not
> actually support AMQP. The page refers to an upcoming 0.10 release of AMQP
> (obviously a bit dated) and the desire to integrate into the final version
> of AMQP, which since then has been released.
> A bit of searching brought me to fairly old mailing list
> archives<>where Rob Davies
> stated that rewrite of the ActiveMQ broker would be
> required to support AMQP, and that it is planned for ActiveMQ 6.
> Interestingly there is another evidently dated page about the 6 release -
> - which refers to a late
> 2010 release date.
> Then there's the Apollo project which *is* in fact a rewrite of ActiveMQ,
> making me wonder whether AMQP support will be an aim there.
> Can anyone give an update on planned AMQP support in ActiveMQ? Namely is it
> still envisioned for ActiveMQ 6? If so, does anyone have any idea when some
> kind of ActiveMQ 6 build with AMQP support might surface? Likewise is AMQP
> support envisioned for Apollo and if so when might a compatible build be
> likely to surface?
> Thanks,
> John

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