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From Joe Niski <>
Subject Re: A client is already connected to durable subscriber
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 00:06:51 GMT
In AMQ 5.4 (i believe) and later, the NetworkConnector has a 
"suppressDuplicateTopicSubscriptions" property that you can set to 
"false". Here's my configuration

<networkConnector name="myNetworkConnector"
<queue physicalName="my.queues.central.>"/>
<topic physicalName="my.topics.>"/>

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On 10/14/2011 09:22 AM, Bashar Saleh wrote:
> [Setup]
> ActiveMQ 5.0
> Broker - Ubuntu Linux 10.04
> Client   - Java client running on Windows
> [Problem]
> I have an issue with a durable subscription reconnection. When the
> client above is disconnected (due to a bad connect, cable disconnection,
> loosing connectivity), the client automatically throws an exception and
> attempts to reconnect to broker (every 5 seconds). Upon successfully
> restoring internet connectivity, the connection requests to the durable
> subscription are rejected with exception "Client with id ...... is
> already connected". The already connected is the same client which lost
> connectivity earlier.
> After about 60 second, the broker finally drops the now long gone
> connection and the client is finally able to reconnect.
> Is there a way to instruct ActiveMQ to accept the new client connection
> request from the same IP address with the same unique session ID (part
> of client ID) as a continuation of the now gone connection?
> Remember, the connection was closed abruptly and not gracefully.
> -Bashar

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