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From Bashar Saleh <>
Subject A client is already connected to durable subscriber
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2011 16:22:51 GMT
ActiveMQ 5.0
Broker - Ubuntu Linux 10.04
Client   - Java client running on Windows

I have an issue with a durable subscription reconnection. When the 
client above is disconnected (due to a bad connect, cable disconnection, 
loosing connectivity), the client automatically throws an exception and 
attempts to reconnect to broker (every 5 seconds). Upon successfully 
restoring internet connectivity, the connection requests to the durable 
subscription are rejected with exception "Client with id ...... is 
already connected". The already connected is the same client which lost 
connectivity earlier.

After about 60 second, the broker finally drops the now long gone 
connection and the client is finally able to reconnect.

Is there a way to instruct ActiveMQ to accept the new client connection 
request from the same IP address with the same unique session ID (part 
of client ID) as a continuation of the now gone connection?

Remember, the connection was closed abruptly and not gracefully.


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