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From <>
Subject RE: Enabling JDBC Master/Slave
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 19:59:58 GMT
>I wrote:
>... I'm running this on Windows, via the ActiveMQ service we setup during installation.
I'll see if wrapper.conf will let me >tell it what config file to use. We're using an SQL
Server 2008 database, not Oracle, and have configured it based on the >contributed SQL
Server 2005 config I saw on the AMQ site. Lastly, That actually was the entire activemq.log
that I had >pasted. I know it was just two INFO lines, but that was the entire log. :)

Okay. I have made some progress. First, rather than try to get wrapper.conf to specify activemq-jdbc.xml,
I just moved activemq.xml out of the way and renamed activemq-jdbc.xml to activemq.xml. Now
it's picking up the config I want.

Next, the SQL Server examples on the AMQ site used journaledJDBC, and journalLogFiles="5".
I had to change to journaledJDBC to jdbcPersistenceAdapter and drop the journalLogFiles="5".

Now (and it seems wrapper.log is where I need to be looking, not activemq.log) the log reports:

Could not get JDBC connection: Cannot load JDBC driver class ''

Does this class not come with AMQ? Do I need to obtain this class from someplace and install
it under AMQ somewhere?

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.


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