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From <>
Subject RE: Enabling JDBC Master/Slave (Was RE: Shared directory Master/Slave - How do I tell?)
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 19:02:47 GMT
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Torsten Mielke []
>Sent: Friday, October 07, 2011 3:18 AM
>There is no need to manually copy activemq-jdbc.xml to activemq.xml. You can tell the
broker to load any configuration file, >anywhere on the file system.
>E.g. to load activemq-jdbc.xml simply start the broker as follows:
>./activemq console xbean:file:../conf/activemq-jdbc.xml
>See the ActiveMQ command line reference for description and further command line options:
>Regarding the error at startup, the log line you quoted is just an INFO log message. You
did not paste the full error.
>Make sure the jdbc driver configuration in the broker config correctly points to your
Oracle DB instance, with regards to >hostname and port

Hi Torsten. I'm running this on Windows, via the ActiveMQ service we setup during installation.
I'll see if wrapper.conf will let me tell it what config file to use. We're using an SQL Server
2008 database, not Oracle, and have configured it based on the contributed SQL Server 2005
config I saw on the AMQ site. Lastly, That actually was the entire activemq.log that I had
pasted. I know it was just two INFO lines, but that was the entire log. :)

I have to figure this out before the 24th, when I have to explain to a customer how to set
it up, so I hope I start making progress soon. I don't know anything about AMQ, really, as
we normally use it out of the box with no configuration. I'm doing my best to read the docs
on the AMQ site, but they don't seem to be written for someone who is an AMQ noob. :)


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