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From Stevo Slavić <>
Subject Local shared filesystem master slave with geo-redundant pure master slave
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2011 16:17:31 GMT
Hello ActiveMQ users,

Imagine 4 nodes, 2 per location, on each node on same location/LAN a
shared filesystem (separate node) used by two local brokers in shared
filesystem master slave (SFSMS) configuration. Can destinations and
messages be shared for HA across the geo-redundant nodes?

Can failover protocol be used for network connectors? Then AMQ brokers
on one location could connect to brokers on other location via
failover protocol. Compared to transport connector failover handling,
if AMQ brokers from one location can not connect to neither of
failover AMQ brokers on other location (e.g. if other location is down
completely, neither of the SFSMS nodes are responding), they should
continue to operate as if nothing happened (slave not responding,
down). When other location is brought back up, before putting it
online one will have to sync the message storage manually, just like
in pure master slave. For each location, other location would be a
slave, in a pure master slave configuration.

Does this make sense? Is it feasible with AMQ 5.5.0?


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