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From jim_m2m <>
Subject AMQ 5.5.0 issue with stuck messages using queue with multiple subscribers on different selectors.
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 22:12:48 GMT

I have a strange problem, and I will gladly provide more detailed logs and
information as needed, but let me paint you an ugly picture.

We have an application where each node listens on a single queue, and
depending on what applications are loaded, it will listen on a selector for
each application, ie we'll have:



The messages are picked up by different consumers and handled independently.

If I put 300 non-persistent messages on QUEUE1 with a JMS option of
"Identifier='MMM'", I will see 300 messages on the console sitting on the
queue, and nothing processing them (as there is no consumer with a matching

I then put a non-persistent message on QUEUE1 with a JMS option of
"Identifier='ABC'", and I expected that message to be forwarded to the
existing consumer that is subscribed.  But alas, the queue is sitting with
301 messages on it.

Now what's really strange, is that if I goto the AMQ web admin page, and I
click on the queue (ie to view the messages), that 1 message sent to
QUEUE1/Identifier='ABC' will reach my client.  I can't explain why this
would happen..........

Any ideas?

I know you will ask for a test case, but my client is a non-standard
openwire client written in C, so its not so easy to create a little java
test case.

The easiest proof would be a video if that helps, or wireshark.


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