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From Darren Govoni <>
Subject Re: New to Apollo
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2011 11:47:46 GMT
   It seems at times the shutdown button on the web console doesn't 
cause a shutdown.

My suggestion is to add it as a command to 'apollo-broker' similar to 
run so it can be scripted.

Also, I notice in my app, that after 17k messages or so, my consumers 
stop receiving messages.

The connection.is_connected() test is true though.

The apollo.log shows

2011-08-19 06:13:47,744 | INFO  | broker startup is taking a long time 
(30553 seconds). Waiting on start virtual-host: gridwave | console | 


When I restart my app and re-connect to the still running broker, 
messages come through.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

On 08/15/2011 09:16 AM, Hiram Chirino wrote:
> Hi Darren,
> On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 7:42 AM, Darren Govoni<>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I am testing out Apollo MQ for my app. I had to switch off ActiveMQ because
>> it couldn't handle the load. One newbie question.
>> How do you cleanly shutdown the broker? There doesn't seem to be a 'stop'
>> directive similar to 'run'.
> If you log into the admin console at:
> http://localhost:61680/broker
> Then you should see a shutdown button.  The default admin id/password
> is admin/password.
>> Also, if you do kill the broker sigkill, it corrupts the database and i will
>> no
>> longer start. It should recover gracefully in all unusual circumstances
>> IMHO.
> I agree.  Which message store were you using?  The default
> `jdbm2_store`? JDBM2 has a nice Apache friendly license but much less
> robust than the BDB implementation.  I'd recommend that you switch to
> BDB as soon as possible.   Hopefully we can find a better embedded
> database to use as a default which can also be re-distributed by
> Apache.  For more info see:
>> Lastly, I throttle a bunch of messages through it with 16 connections and
>> it quickly becomes unresponsive, but I will do more tests today.
> I'd love to hear more about it.  Message size, destination type, # of
> consumers, etc.
>> Darren
> Regards,
> Hiram
> FuseSource
> Web:

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