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From oseymen <>
Subject Re: Network of Brokers - Duplicate message add attempt rejected
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2011 18:34:34 GMT
Thanks for your reply Gary.

>> When you get the WARN message, it is expected that the stats are wrong 
>> because the store should not be getting duplicates. 

OS - Agreed.

>> At the point that the store recognizes the duplicate, the stats and
>> cursors may have 
>> already processed the message. 

>> The producerAudit should eliminate the duplicates at an earlier stage, 
>> so this needs to be enabled, and may need to be large to accommodate 
>> larger transactions. 

OS - How do I enable producerAudit? If I don't say
"maxFailoverProducersToTrack=0" or "enableAudit=false", isn't it enabled by
default? So in default AMQ configuration (as it ships), I am guessing
producerAudit is enabled. 

Can you please elaborate on "need to be large to accommodate larger
transactions" part? I think this is the magic that I am missing. Otherwise I
just got the default configuration and added networkConnector to it. Even
though I understand why duplicate messages are coming to the second broker
(unacked messages replayed by the first broker), I just feel that I am
missing something that will prevent duplicates eliminated before stats and
cursors process them. Otherwise nobody could monitor queues properly, right?

>> Can you build a simple junit tests case and attach it to one of the 
>> existing jiras or create your own. 

OS - Sure, I will give that I go. I am not a Java guy so might not be able
to come back so soon.

Thanks again,

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