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From oseymen <>
Subject Re: Message loss in network of brokers - transactional send
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 10:33:55 GMT
So let me summarize this thread from the beginning:

Please see this arch diagram:

I am sending 3000 messages from my producer into broker1 and observe message
counts in Transit and Indexing queues. I start my producer and while
messages are flowing, I start killing brokers one by one randomly.

My first problem was the message loss in the first composite operation:
Q.Index.Transit.DC2 & Q.Index.Transit.DC3. This problem is solved by sending
Transactional messages from the producer to Q.Index.Replication.

However another problem (which I explained in previous message) came up
where admin console and JConsole reporting more messages than there actually
are in Q.A.Indexing and Q.B.Indexing queues.

Take a look at this screenshot:

All queues had 3003 messages (instead of 3000). When I consumed all messages
in Q.A.Indexing with my consumer, it successfully consumed 3000 messages (as
expected) but admin console still reports there are additional 3 messages
pending in the queue. When I click on "Browse" for this queue in admin
console, it reports that there are no messages. When I restart this broker,
pending message count correct itself and reports 0.

Receiving duplicate messages are not a problem for me - I can deal with them
in my consumer. But JConsole and admin console reporting that there are
still messages to be consumed is a problem for the monitoring side. I have
no way of knowing whether there are really 3 messages left and consumer is
experiencing problems or consumer is alive but there are no messages to

I'd appreciate any help in this matter. Am I using composite destinations
incorrectly? I can also do the same design with Camel which works fine but
I'd like to use native AMQ features to do this.

Here are the configuration files for both brokers:


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