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From ripienaar <>
Subject networks of brokers, queues and selectors
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 17:30:08 GMT

I am having some pain with message delivery for queues with selectors in a
network of 3 brokers.

The broker setup is pretty simple, all duplex links:

monitor1 -> monitor3 -> monitor2

There used to be a monitor2 -> monitor1 link but it causes dupes on topics
so currently disabled.  Monitor3 also has a link to another broker but no
subscriptions there so should not matter.

I am using a simple script to test this, 3 connections each with various
subscription using JMS selectors - 1 to each of the brokers with publishing
into monitor3 only.  You can see the code @
this is just a simple test that exposes the problem.

If I publish into any broker other than monitor3 it all works fine, soon as
I publish into 3 then the consumer on broker2 never get any messages.

I have this same scenario in various combinations on my network.  For
example consumer is on monitor1, i publish into monitor3 and TCPDump as well
as the ActiveMQ admin console shows the traffic goes to monitor2 and not
monitor1 as you'd hope eventhough there are no subscribers on monitor2
subscribed with the JMS selector in question.

Any ideas on how to debug this or what more information you might need?

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