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From srikanth reddy <>
Subject How to reattempt individual message
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2011 17:19:32 GMT

I am implementing ActiveMQ Middleware using Queue based JMS . 
I am facing individual message  Rollback issue from last few days 

There are multiple message posted to my activemq and one i start activemq my 
session starts reading messages.I am using individual message acknowledgement. 
i.e  qConnection.createQueueSession(false, 

Once i receive message in my message listener i am sending message to child 
thread and processing message there and processing is completed i am sending 

But problem here is if any exception comes in middle of my message i want to 
reattempt for that specific message. 

I have tryed session.recover here but its recovering all messages on that 
session which is wrong 

Please look into my message consumer and listener 
           Consumer class outline 
public  QueueSession session = null; 
public QueueConnection qConnection = null; 
        ActiveMQConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new 
 	qConnection = connectionFactory.createQueueConnection(); 
        session = qConnection.createQueueSession(false, 
        QueueReceiver _receiver = 

       //my message listener 
 	public void onMessage(Message message)  { 
                //starting chaild thread etc   
                } else { 
  //want to roll back/reattempt specific message 

Please help me to resolve this issue 

Thanks & Regards 
Srikanth Reddy

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