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From Paolo <>
Subject Question: routing subscription requests to a different topic
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 13:56:33 GMT
[Activemq 5.4.2 standalone, java 1.6.0]
I've seen the possibility to use wildcard to address topics. However as 
far as I understand they are only used for subscriptions to federated 
name hiearchies.

A pattern like this could be very useful:
- producer sends messages to topic /a/b/c/d
- consumers can subscribe to /a/b/X/d or /a/b/Y/d, or /a/b/whatever/d... 
and they are all routed to /a/b/c/d, so that also if topic (e.g.) 
/a/b/X/d doesn't exist, /a/b/c/d is sent.

Can I route all subscription requests to /a/b/*/d to /a/b/c/d, so that 
activemq fulfills the request as if a subscription to /a/b/c/d was 
requested? Is there a best practice to obtain this behaviour?

Thank you for any hint

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