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From Vijay <>
Subject Re: Master/Slave configuring clients
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 15:24:56 GMT
I am rephrasing my question for get rid of confusion.

We have a Converter app (Standalone JMS consumer client based on Spring
DefaultMessageListenerContainer) which will consume messages from AMQ Broker
hosted on same server. An upstream system will publish messages on to
"TEST.FOO"  Q on this broker. Whole purpose of convert app is to transform
the message to another format and send it to downstream system for further

Server1 (working fine)
Consumer App
Regular AMQ Broker

We verified this to be working fine with a consumer, AMQ broker on the same

For redundancy we want to  use Master/Slave Broker config + deploy one more
Consumer app on server2.  This is the new config we have.  But this seem to
be causing message loss. I am attaching a Junit test case to reproduce this.

Consumer App 1 listening to tcp://server1:61616
Master AMQ Broker (tcp://server1:61616)

Consumer App 2  listening to tcp://server2:61617
Slave AMQ Broker (tcp://server2:61617)

Attached is the JUnit test case:
1. start master on 61616
2. Start slave on 61617
3. start consumer 1  to listen to tcp://host:61616
4. Start consumer2 to listen to tcp://host:61617
5. produce 30 msgs 
Notice only part of message being consumed by listener 1
6. kill master and listener1
7. produce 50 msgs 
Notice only part of messages being consumed by listener 1
7.kill slave

May I know what's wrong with this test case? 

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