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From Jason Whaley <>
Subject Re: Slow and fast messages
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 12:20:29 GMT
Two questions/suggestions regarding your AMQ setup:

1) What is the average size (or range of sizes) of the actual message being sent from your
producer?  If you are dealing with larger messages you may wish to consider sending Blob Messages
instead of putting the entire payload inside of the message itself - see
for more detail.  Determining what a "large" message is may vary, but once you start approaching
1MB you should definitely consider Blob Messages.

2) What is the network latency between your producer and your broker?  If it is substantial
enough to affect the speed at which you can produce a message and receive acknowledgement
from the broker, you could use a Network of Brokers between your producer and consumer such
that one AMQ instance lives on the same host or at least on the same subnet as your producer
and that instance is responsible for forwarding messages to another AMQ instance that your
consumer consumes from.  See for more.

On Jul 11, 2011, at 4:55 PM, MaryAuaun wrote:

> Boy, this forum is great for making me get my thoughts together and answering
> my own questions, but if anyone knows any more, please chime in!
> For writing 1000 messages
> Originally 1000 messages took 40 seconds.
> Persistent vs. Non-Persistent didn't make much difference in speed
> These settings made a little differenceoptions:
>                connectionFactory.setUseAsyncSend(true); // tbw to test
> speed
>                connectionFactory.setAlwaysSyncSend(false);
>                connectionFactory.setSendAcksAsync(true);
>                connectionFactory.setProducerWindowSize(100);
>      (some of these settings are poorly document or not documented at all!)
>  Now 1000 messages takes 27 seconds! 
> I removed the "transacted" and commits, that made it much faster
>   1000 messages take about 6 seconds, even with Persistent on.
> That's nos 166 messages / sec, which is not bad.  If there are other
> improvements I can make, please let me know!
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