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From Paul Woodward <>
Subject Session.unsubscribe
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2011 15:46:52 GMT
Hi Guys,

I'm trying to understand the exact behaviour of session.unsubscribe()
when using a durable consumer on a topic in ActiveMQ 5.5.

The scenario I have is as follows:

1. I create a message producer continuously publishing to a topic.
2. I create a single durable message consumer.
3. Later, I call session.unsubscribe() in the consumer.

My expectation is that ActiveMQ would then drop all messages for this
topic as there are no durable/non-durable consumers registered.
However what I witness is that ActiveMQ ether runs out of memory or
throttles the producer complaining that messages are not being
consumed fast enough. Looking at the topic statistics, I see that the
enqueue count keeps rising, evicted is 0, inflight is constant at
something small and dequeue is constant.

Can anyone explain what is happening and how I should have configured
ActiveMQ for my expected behaviour?

Thanks in advance,


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